2008 Prom Tuxedos

Unlike conventional fashion which changes all the time, 2007 tuxedo styles seem to have stood the test of time. Is there really any way to improve on perfection? The days are gone when there were only a few options in tuxedos. What used to be a vanilla industry is now really quite exciting. The colors and fabrics of the vests and ties have made tuxedos interesting again. We have seen a move away from bow ties to neckties of all color and shapes. The colors of the vest have become vibrant in shades of pink, yellow and other colors, the brighter the better

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The shawl lapel tuxedos, a style that have been around for many years. This 2007 prom tuxedo provides an unmatched look of elegance and may be worn with a laydown or wing collar shirt with or without a vest and tie or a bow tie and cummerbund.  Traditionally black with adjustable waist trouser, prom tuxedos in 2008 come in many colors including red, white, blue, green, brown, pink and of course black. Expect to see some great prom tuxedos in 2008. Top designers will be introducing in 2008 new prom tuxedos styles from the top designers of the men's formal wear fashion industry specializing in prom tuxedos to give you an even wider choice of 2008 prom tuxedos so that you can find the prom tux that is right for you. See the Ecko, and Bonacci collections and check out our measurements guide to help you find the right tuxedo style for your body type.  

If a designer tuxedo for your prom is important, then check out the 2008 prom tuxedo styles by such famous names as Chaps Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Fubu, Neil Allyn, Fumagalli's, Geoffrey Beene, and Lubiam. Be sure to check out the most popular style in 2008, the 3-button designer notch! Also check out designer Perry Ellis. He didn't go wrong with this sleek and traditional Seth Cohen black prom tuxedo. You can always change the bow tie and cummerbund to match what your prom date is wearing.

You can also go punk to prom and get away with it. Designer Anthony Franco created the Jaded Rocker ensemble that will be sure to turn heads. 

If you are into the retro-1980s look, then "The Prepster" just may be for you. This mint green suit, for instance, is complimented with a purple and embroidered belt. One hot tux for a cool guy for sure.

So whether you are going for the sleek, debonair James Bond look of a classic black tux tied off with a bow tie, or the more contemporary Justin Timberlake look of a modern tuxedo with a longer length coat and colored accessories rest assure that you can always find the perfect fit.

Tips for choosing your 2008 prom tuxedo:

  1. Invest in a tuxedo if you think you'll have a lot of black-tie events in the coming years. In the long run it may prove more economical than renting. Every gentleman should own a tuxedo. And it doesn't need to be expensive. Go to a high-class second hand shop; every city has them. You may have to make several trips before you find one that fits your body and your style, but it is worth it. By definition, tuxes are worn only several times a year at most, so it shouldn't have much wear. Buy your own studs, cufflinks, shirt and black cummerbund and tie.
  2. Buy a tuxedo that has a black tie and black cummerbund. This will provide you with a basic, elegant "black-tie" look that will match any formal outfit your date may wear. You can always rent white or colored accessories should the need arise.
  3. Rent a tuxedo for the occasional formal evening. Place your request well in advance of the event. Choose a colored cummerbund that matches your date's dress, or opt for the ever-stylish black.
  4. Get fitted. Inseam and waist measurements are key for a comfortable and stylish pant, while a well-fitting shoulder, back and arm will ensure a sharp-looking jacket.
  5. Personalize your look by selecting a jacket and shirt unique to your taste and build. Jacket cuts vary from cropped to smoking. Shirtfront options include fine pleats or delicate ribs, black enamel or pearl-like buttons.
  6. Remember the sequence for getting dressed in a tux. Underwear and socks followed by shirt and pants. Add the cummerbund then jacket, followed by your tie, then shoes.

2008 Prom Tuxedo Protocol

  1. After your date accepts your invitation to prom, start planning your attire. Decide if you are going to be sporting a modern or traditional look. Also, decide if you are going to tie into the theme of your prom. For example, many high schools are having James Bond themed. No matter what look you choose, make sure it reflects your personality so that you'll feel comfortable wearing it.
  2. If time permits, wait until after your date has purchased her gown before ordering your tuxedo, just in case she changes her mind while out shopping.
  3. You need to order your tuxedo at least 3-4 weeks in advance. 
  4. Take your date's dress or a swatch of her dress into the store with you to coordinate the colors of your accessories. Adding colored accessories to your tux is a great way to coordinate with your prom date's dress and make your pictures pop.
  5. Also, you can always rent your tuxedo and purchase the accessories, such as the vest, tie, studs and cufflinks if your heart is set on a particular style or color of accessory. 
  6. If you are strapped for time, go on the web and search for "2008 prom tuxedos" and "2007 prom tuxedos" to see past styles.
  7. When you go into the store to be measured, keep in mind the best days to go when there are no pick-ups being schedule or else the store will be busy.
  8. Once you are measured, pre-pay for your tuxedo, so that when you come back to try it on, it will be faster because you will not have to wait in line to make a final payment. Also, if you pre-pay, you can take home the tuxedo and try it on if the lines to the dressing rooms are long. When you try-on the tuxedo, make sure you have your studs and cufflinks, as well as your shoes, socks and pocket square/hanky. If you have ordered a hat and cane, make sure you have those too. Please let the consultant at the store know if something does not fit properly, so that they can correct it, as you want to look your best on prom night!
  9. After you try-on your tuxedo, make sure you put everything back in the bag so that you don't forget anything in the dressing room.
  10. Once everything is set, take home your tuxedo and hang it up in your closet so that it doesn't get wrinkled before prom night.
  11. The morning of prom, make sure you don't forget your date's flowers. Pick them up early in the day while you are running other errands.
    Once you are finished, grab a quick nap. Then shower, shave and get dressed in your tux. Don't forget to put the studs, cufflinks and pocket square.
  12. You are now prom ready. You are officially ready for pictures and prom!
  13. Have a GREAT time!