80's Prom Tuxedo

There is no strict convention governing what precisely comprises a tuxedo, given the relatively informal nature of it as a dress code. Most commonly a tuxedo is made up of a black coat with lapels, black pants, a black bow tie, black socks, black shoes, a black cummerbund, and a white shirt. In some parts of the world it is acceptable to wear a white coat usually in hot climates, or during the warmer seasons of the year.

New York Prom Limo

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Going to the prom doesn't mean going boring. A little of your own personal style should always be evident in any outfit you wear. 

Currently, tuxedos are available in a variety of styles and materials, perfect for every prom king. Looking to add a bit of fun to your prom look? Then consider a cane or top hat or an 80's tuxedo. The 80s tuxedo along with these popular accessories not only add oomph to your style, but also gives your style the bit of personality every prom ensemble yearns for. Of course wearing an 80's prom tuxedo is not for everyone. An updated, fitted tuxedo suit might make the grade, but showing up in a 80's prom vintage, powder-blue tuxedo with a ruffle-collared shirt will really make you stand out in the crowd.  If you are really clueless when it comes to fashion sense, check with a local tuxedo shop. It will have vintage-styled suits and tuxedos to meet your needs. Novelty tuxedos are available in a wide range of colors, most popularly pink and baby blue. Just don't show up in something that is dirty, torn or that will embarrasses your date. Take pride in your appearance because prom night is a once-in-life chance to dress up, have fun and look good! As for what isn't in style, when it comes to tuxedos, there really isn't much that won't look good. Wear what you feel is most comfortable and what your date thinks is a good idea. Wearing a prom tuxedo that either doesn't fit right or isn't your style can may make you miserable and your date too so deciding on wearing an 80's prom tuxedo costume is a decision that should discuss with your prom date.

80's Prom Tuxedo Costume

The 80's prom tuxedos usually rent for about $45 and Includes,  Black suit jacket with velvet lapels, • Blue ruffled shirt with black accents, Black tuxedo pants.