Men's Formal Wear

Men are becoming more and more stylish with each passing year. The popularity of men's formal wear has increased so significantly over the past decade that many of the labels that used to sell only women's wear have added their own men's formal wear collections as well. Some of the high profile labels who have chosen to incorporate men's formal wear into their designer collections include Top designers such as Perry Ellis, Andrew Fezza tuxedos, After Six, Ralph Lauren formal wear, Oscar de la Renta formal wear and Liz Claiborne. 

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All these men's formal wear designers carry men's tuxedos and other formal wear that you must see before deciding what you are going to wear to the prom,  your wedding or other formal event. For example,  Ralph Lauren Tuxedos have all the luxury and quality you have come to expect from a Lauren men's suit fashion designer while Calvin Klein tuxedos are known for their sleek lines, minimalist design & pure wool cloth. These labels have realized the potential success from targeting male shoppers and are constantly expanding their ultra-stylish collections.

Mens formal attire are popular for weddings, proms, college formals and any black tie or formal events. Take the hassle out of renting or buying men's formal suits or tuxedos. Browse the internet to view different styles and get an idea of what you want from the huge selection of men's forma wear that is available online. When renting or buying a men's formal attire like a tuxedo make sure that alterations are done on the spot so that your tux is ready when you need it. 

When it comes to your prom, wedding or other black tie even there is no more appropriate time to go glam and arrive for the party dressed to to kill. Featuring a modern yet romantic sense of style, this year's selection of formal men's wear lends a quiet drama to an overall glamorous formal look. These elegant collections illustrate varying takes on current trends in addition to classic glamour. Designer tuxedos (famous brand name tuxedos) have evolved over the years. However, most of the designer tuxedos that you see today still consist of the classic styles. The most important thing to remember when purchasing designer tuxedos is the quality of the fabric. Quite often you will see two designer tuxedos from different labels, made of the same fabric and style, but significantly one is priced more than the other. In situations like this you are usually paying more for the label. We advise that those who are interested in designer tuxedos to focus on the quality of the fabric, not the label. Most of the finer designer tuxedos will be made from Super 100 or Super 120 wools. This spring, live out your fantasies in one of the many sophisticated formal tuxedos or other men's formal wear offered by top designers.

If you're in search of something fresh and trendy this spring, the variety of color offered in mens formal wear this season is nothing short a rainbow of colors, brimming with fresh white and brilliant greens, vibrant blues and every color in between. Of course, many men's formal wear are available in classic black for a look of subtle sophistication. This season's men's formal wear are designed so the spotlight will remain on you, whichever color you select.

Men's Formal Wear etiquette

Depending on the invitation that you receive, you will have to choose the correct tuxedo and accessories.

"Black Tie" invitation.

It is generally accepted that "Black Tie" requires a tuxedo, vest and accessories. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly look and feel your very best in a tuxedo. Be unique. Black Tie means formal attire. You can accessorize with a bow tie, cummerbund and top it off with a coordinating pocket square to complete your traditional tuxedo outfit. This is your chance to look your best and make your own personal fashion statement! Another option is to wear a traditional tailcoat in order to look dashing on that formal occasion. Your outfit might be composed by a white wing collar shirt, matching tie and pique vest, black trousers with satin stripe and patent shoes. 

"Black Tie Preferred" invitation.

If receiving this type of invitation, you should bear in mind that the host might prefer guests in formal evening attire for the occasion. Therefore, the outfit to wear, from mid-April to Labor Day, should be a black tuxedo and a white dinner jacket or a dark contemporary style tuxedo. Again accessories your formal attire with vests, cummerbunds, bowties and neckties and also cufflinks and studs.

"Black Tie Optional" invitation

In spite of not being a strong requirement form formal attire as in "Black Tie" or "Black Tie Preferred", formal dress would be appropriate for answering to this invitation. You can choose among a black tuxedo, a white dinner jacket or a dark contemporary tuxedo. 

"Black Tie Invited" invitation

You might find this phrase more frequently than "preferred" or "optional" and it is usually used for large gatherings of civic or business groups. It implies that even though you are welcome to wear formal attire, this is not required by the host. 

"Semi-Formal" invitation

If this invitation comes from very proper social circles, "Semi Formal" would mean the same as "Black Tie". Despite this, if the host required their guests to wear black tuxedos, he would generally use the "Black Tie" invitation. Bearing this fact in mind, this "Semi Formal" invitation would allow any style of tuxedo or dinner jacket, depending on how much you know about the circle of the gathering. If you are not sure of the sort of dressing that would be appropriate, you can always call the host for guidance.

Men's Formal Wear Accessories Vests, Ties, Shoes, Bow Ties

Your tuxedo is not truly complete without the right finishing touches like the many stylish men's formal wear accessories from the world's finest designers  like Perry Ellis, Chaps by Ralph Lauren, Tallia, Liz Claiborne. Formal wear accessories are available for rental or purchase, including shirts, shoes, men's formal wear vests, cummerbunds, men's formal wear ties, cufflinks and studs, men's formal wear button covers, top hats, canes, and gloves.