Modern Tuxedo

As you select your tuxedo, there are several things to think about: time of year, formality of the event, the lapel style of your tuxedo coat, the cut of your tuxedo coat, and the time of the event. Listed below are some basic guidelines to consider when choosing a tuxedo that is modern.

The Modern Tuxedo

Traditional tuxedo styles follow time-honored tuxedo traditions. The contemporary tuxedo modern approach allows tuxedos to be selected with modern interpretations of formal dress codes

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Ultra formal Traditional Tuxedo
This mordern tuxedo look is the most formal. It centers around a black full dress tuxedo tailcoat with a white tuxedo vest and white tuxedo tie. Tuxedo gloves, top hats, and canes may also accompany this tuxedo option.

Formal Evening Traditional Tuxedo
This tuxedo look features either a black tuxedo jacket or white dinner tuxedo jacket in warmer weather. This modern tuxedo look allows you to express your personal tuxedo preferences. Tuxedo lapels, multiple tuxedo buttons, and longer tuxedo lengths can all be used to establish a unique tuxedo style.

Ultra formal Daytime Traditional Tuxedo
The ultra formal daytime traditional tuxedo is recommended for events before 4 p.m. This modern tuxedo look includes a cutaway coat with striped tuxedo trousers, a grey tuxedo vest, and a striped ascot or 4-in-hand tuxedo tie.

Formal Daytime Traditional Tuxedo
The formal daytime traditional tuxedo look includes a grey stroller with striped trousers, a pearl tuxedo vest, a 4-in-hand tuxedo tie, and a white laydown collar tuxedo shirt. This modern tuxedo look includes all types of formal wear in any color.

When it comes to tuxedo rentals for your wedding, prom, anniversary, or special occasion, the modern tux from the likes of famous designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren,  Galucci, Fumagalli, Bill Blass, is a place start. 

There are three major lapel styles; notch, shawl, and peak you may also notice some other fashion forward styles. The notch lapel moderm tuxedo is by far the most popular. Many designers only offer their styles with a notch lapel. However, any of these styles are perfectly acceptable to any formal affair. Since a belt is not worn with a tuxedo, you will find that most modern tuxedos trousers are manufactured with an adjustable waist. The adjustable waist trouser allows you to loosen or tighten the waist 1-3 inches. The benefit of the adjustable waist is not having to go to a tailor to take in or let out the waist. But you will notice that many of the better designers choose to manufacture their moderm tuxedo trousers with inside buttons for suspenders, rather than an adjustable waist.  Modern tuxedo trousers should never be tailored with a cuff, they should always have a straight hem.