Prom Tux

What better way to complete a long awaited, special event like the prom than to make it formal with a prom tux. A prom tux allows everyone attending the event to look and act their very best. Just think of how much fun your classmates will have in a tux or the girls wearing a fancy prom dress.  A prom tux also is a vital element in capturing the emotion of the prom. It creates a festive mood, which is preserved in pictures forever. Finding the perfect formal  prom tux is now a lot easier with a wide variety of tuxs ensembles and tuxedo selections on the web. These specialists help assure the tux fits properly and is comfortable and, they offer a wide variety of accessories, such as printed or patterned bow ties, cummerbunds and vests to individualize the perfect look. They also supply the special shoes, studs and cuff links to complete the ensemble.

New York Prom Limo

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Prom is a special night and a prom tux helps make it an event to be treasure. It is your night, make it special.

Tux rental, for the most part, is the easiest way to go.  You go in early, get fitted, pay your deposit, pick the tux up before the prom or dance, try it on, pay the balance, wear it to the event, and return it.  There are a whole myriad of styles, color, and options and you can feel like a king for a day.  

If you are attending more that one prom, you might consider buying a tux.  Buying a tux might be a little more expensive in the beginning, but it might be less expensive in the long run. Or you might consider buying a formal suit that would fill the bill for the prom and you have the suit to use for other occasions in the future.

Pick The Perfect Tux To Reflect Your Image

White Tie or Full Dress - This is the most formal men's wear - and it is quite specific. White tie means you should be wearing a black tailcoat, matching black trouser, white pique formal shirt, white pique vest, and a white pique bow-tie. If you are having a very traditional prom this is the way to go.

Black Tie - Most formal affairs fall into this category. Black tie means you need to wear a tuxedo. Single breasted or double breasted, peak, notch, or shawl collar will do. It's your choice. Your tux will need a formal shirt, bow-tie and cummerbund set or vest and tie set, cuff links and studs. A traditionalist will wear a black bow-tie and cummerbund set, and black, round cuff links and stud set. If you would like to be less formal then wear a vest and tie set instead of the cummerbund. This is the James Bond 007 look.

If your prom invitation says "Black Tie Preferred" This is the prom committee's  way of telling you that youll be out of place unless you are wearing a tux. Any tuxedo is OK, no tailcoats. You are allowed to wear a dark, dressy suit without having security throw you out in a humiliating scene, however, you will feel lonely without your tuxedo.

If your prom invitation says "Black Tie Invited" This means the prom committee really, really wants you to wear a tuxedo but isn't going to press the issue. Rest assured, the prom committee will be dressed to the nines in their tuxs and prom dresses. 

The Perfect Tuxedo For Your Body Type

If there has to be a rule for tuxedos, then I am certain that it has to be that there is no substitute for a tux or tuxedo or suit that fits you well.  Wearing a suit that fits right will make you feel more comfortable and will only cut down on your perspiration. Plus, the undeniable fact that you'll look great.

Apart from that, you can also go for the style that you choose to suit your body type. Usually, a double-breasted jacket looks best on someone who is slender and tall to medium height and build. The shoulders then can be padded more than normal and the waist taken in to a comfortable extent to make the body seem more muscular. Trousers also tend to look best when the legs are slightly fuller than normal. If you are tall and very muscular, then the shawl-collar tux is your best bet. Remember that your shirt cuffs should extend about an inch beyond the jacket sleeve. Take care to choose a tie that is just the right size for your face because if you have a wide face or thick neck a small tie can only make you look like you're being choked.

Browse the web for tux styles from Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Fumagalli's, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Andrew Fezza, Fubu, Stephen Geoffrey, After Six and others. Don't forget to browse for a wide variety of formalwear accessories including fullback vests, formal shirts, formal shoes, button covers, top hats, fedoras and canes these will complete your tux ensemble.