Prom Tuxedo

This website simplifies your quest for that perfect prom tuxedo. Tuxedo rental, for the most part, is the easiest way to go.  You go in (early), get fitted, pay your deposit, pick the tux up before the prom, try it on, pay the balance, wear it to the event, and return it.  There are a whole myriad of styles, color, and options and you can feel like a king for a day.  Tuxedo rental will fit the bill for the formal prom. If you are attending more that one prom, you might consider buying a tuxedo.  Some of the tuxedo shops do sell tuxes and this might be a little more expensive in the beginning, but it might be less expensive in the long run. 

New York Prom Limo

With service in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, a complete selection of stretch limousines and prom limo packages, our Limousine Service is offering one of the most comprehensive limousine packages available for Prom Night. It includes complementary NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR, not 8 but 10 hours of service, pick-up and drop-off of all your buddies, Plasma TVs through out the limo. You can do better than that. This is a limited time offer, so contact us today and find out why time and time again we have exceeded our customers expectations.
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Prom Tuxedo Rental

The tips on this web site will keep your prom tuxedo in good condition for years to come so that you can get plenty of use out of your investment if you decide to buy a prom tuxedo instead of renting one. Prom tuxedos have traditionally been rented in the United States but a lot of tuxedos shops are dropping the price of tuxedos for the prom season down to $130 or so. Most rental tuxedos cost $100 or more. Prom is the best time for a young man to buy his tuxedo. You can buy your entire package including the tuxedo shirt for as little as $100, and you don't have to compromise on the quality. You can find a direct manufacturer of tuxedos offering $126 package that are higher quality then most rental tuxedos making the rental tuxedo a thing of the past. 

Prom Tuxedo Style

Unlike conventional fashion which changes all the time, tuxedo styles seem to have stood the test of time. Like the shawl lapel tuxedos, a style that have been around for many years. This prom tuxedo may be worn with a laydown or wing collar shirt with or without a vest and tie or a bow tie and cummerbund. This prom tuxedo provides an unmatched look of elegance. Traditionally black with adjustable waist trouser, prom tuxedos now come in many colors including red, white, blue, green, brown, pink and of course black. Expect to see some great prom tuxedos this year. Introducing this year are new prom tuxedos styles from the top designers of the men's formal wear fashion industry specializing in prom tuxedos to give you an even wider choice of prom tuxs so that you can find the prom tux that is right for you. See the Ecko, and Bonacci collections. 

Check out our measurements guide to help you find the right tuxedo style for your body type.  

For those who like to be unique with their prom tuxedo we highly recommend talking the prom committed to setup a Formal Wear Fashion Show at your school. This will heighten the excitement for the upcoming prom and give you an idea of what is available in styled tuxedos.