Tuxedo Measurements

Prom and weddings are nights of romance, elegance, and timelessness. A special night indeed. It is a night to be romanced, to dance away and remember when you're elderly. It is a night of bustling gowns and tuxedos, a time for long time high school friends to hang out, laugh, and have fun and last time or in the case of weddings, for the groom and the groom's men to rejoice the special union. It is the premier red carpet event for high school seniors and the happiest moments a couples life. So it is needless to say that you need a tuxedo for this event.

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What is even more important is that you get your prom tuxedo measurements right so that you can out shine the crowd like the super star the you are. Please use this information below to assist you in your tuxedo measurements. It is always preferable that you go to your nearest tuxedo shop to be measured so the tuxedo you rent from us has an optimum fit as oppose to measuring yourself or have a relative or friend measure you, but even worst is just guessing  your measurements! A complete ensemble, includes a jacket, trousers, bow tie, cuff links, studs, and a cummerbund or vest. If you wear a vest, you do NOT wear a cummerbund. 

So how do you acquire your tuxedo measurements to order your tux?

To determine your correct size for Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Vest, Tuxedo Shirt, or Tuxedo Trousers take the following measurements.

  • Tuxedo Jacket Measure loosely around the body and arms at the chest.
  • Tuxedo Vest Use the same chest measurement as jacket.
  • Tuxedo Shirt NECK SIZE Measure loosely around the neck. 
  • Tuxedo Trousers Measure snugly around the waist ABOVE the waistband of clothing.

Please understand that the final tuxedo fit will only be as good as the measurements that you provided. Current measurements are the most accurate! Even though you may have been measured for a tuxedo recently, measurements can change. It's best to get your tuxedo measurements again.. 

Here is how you take your tux measurements for a tuxedo if you must do it yourself.

1. HEIGHT: From the top of the head to the floor without shoes is the height. The height measurement usually determines the variation. For example, Short -    5´ 4 ¼" - 5´ 7¼", Regular -    5´ 7 ½" - 5´ 10½",  Long -    5´ 10¾" - 6´ 1¾", Extra long -    6´ 2" - 6´ 5¼"

2. CHEST: This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body. Move the arms outward. Place the tape line well up under the arms, straight across the back, over the blades, and over the chest in the front.  Place the tape under arms and around the broadest part of his chest.  Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure proper ease. Make sure the tape is snug but can move freely with one finger between the body and tape Lower arms to his side and relax. This measurement usually determines the coat size. 

3. OVER ARM: Take a second measurement around chest but over the arms, instead of under arm pits, same area of chest. With arms at his side, place the tape around the broadest part of his chest and shoulders. This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body in the same manner and position where the chest was measured, but this time including both arms. The normal difference between this measurement and the chest is seven inches. If the difference is greater than seven inches, then the coat should be a larger size to compensate for the extra material needed in the arms and shoulders. This measurement is critical for a proper coat fit. Example: A your chest measurement is 40", but over arm measurement is 49". You should probably take a size 41.

4. WAIST: This measurement is taken with the coat of around the body. Place the tape measure directly over the shirt, just above the hip bones at the level of his navel. Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure proper ease. This is the height which formal trousers are worn. Make sure top is snug but can move freely. Remember that the pants have up to 2" of adjustment out for a perfect fit every time. This measurement is the same size that your dress slacks are.

5. HIPS: This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body. Place the tape line directly over the pants around the largest part of the seat. Before taking this measurement, see that the you remove all bulky articles from your hip pockets. 

6. OUT SEAM: The outseam is taken to provide your pant length. Place your pants on your waist where you are most comfortable. This is usually his natural waistline, which is 1/2-1" below his belly button.. Look straight ahead during this measurement. Roll the tape down the side of leg until you reach top of the heal on his dress shoe from the outside just below the ankle, add 1" and you have the pant out seam. 

7. NECK: Measure with collar unbuttoned. Place the tape around the neck at the level the collar would be buttoned and take measurement.  Place one finger between the neck and tape, make sure the tape is snug but moves freely. Measure with collar unbuttoned.  This measurement is taken for shirt neck size. This important measurement is taken for shirt neck size. 

8. SLEEVE LENGTH: Look straight ahead and keep his arms at his side. Place the end of the tape measure at the nape of the neck and measure to the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist  just below wrist bone. With your arm at your side, run the tape down the center of shoulder and all the way down to elbow then to the flex of the wrist, rounding off measurement to the nearest inch. 

Always keep in mind that some alterations may be needed to get the best fit for you