Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo pants come in a variety of styles. Pleated vs. non-pleated, adjustable waist vs. non-adjustable waist, satin stripe vs. grosgraine stripe, standard wool vs. Super 100's wool but all tuxedo pants are formally-appropriate for all occasions. Tuxedo pants orTrousers for the tuxedo need to have a natural taper and follow the shape of the leg.  The bottom of the tuxedo pants should always be plain no cuffs and should break on top of the shoe. Each trouser leg should have a satin braid this however has become optional.  These days pleated tuxedos pants have been gaining preference, however one must ensure that the folds of the pleats should open towards the center. The waist band must never be exposed.

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Tuxedo Trousers

Formal trousers have a black satin stripe or braid along the outside seam. This is a relic of the trouser's military days. What if you don't like the stripe - Get over it! This is a requirement for formalwear - no stripe = no go! And never, ever cuff the pants. Cuffed formal pants require mandatory sentencing by the fashion police! Formal pants do not have belt loops. Either have your tailor alter your pants to fit without needing a belt or wear button-in suspenders.

Black-tie suit trousers have no turn-ups (cuffs) or belt loops. The outer leg seams may be decorated with a single, inch-wide silk braid matching the lapel facing. Customarily, braces (suspenders in the U.S.) hold up the trousers; they are hidden either by the waistcoat, which may be backless, or by the coat: hence it is bad social form for a man to take off his coat. 

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