Tuxedo Shoes

With the invention of the world wide web, having the largest selection of tuxedo shoes in the world ( over 80 different styles of tuxedo shoes), you have been provided with the opportunity to narrow your search using your mouse at a clicks notice. Gone are the days when you had to visit 10 department stores and local shops just to find the right tuxedo shoes for your prom or other formal event. Wearing a formal tuxedo expresses the importance of the event you are attending.

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Whether you are attending a black tie event, a wedding or a prom it's important that you wear the right type of tuxedo shoes. You need to be educated on the specific styles of tuxedo shoes and the little differences that each tuxedo shoe offers as well as the difference between patent leather and faux patent and the benefits that each option has to offer you. It is important to remember that just because a shoe is deemed "formal" doesn't mean that it is appropriate for any given formal event. Keep that in mind when you want to wear alligator skinned tuxedo shoes to your prom or your friends wedding.

After reading a few tuxedo shoes articles, you will be more informed about tux shoes than the average person working in a tuxedo rental shop. Let's face it, it's not every day we can get a sales person that actually knows anything about men's shoes. There are exceptions, but who are we kidding, we are online reading about tux shoes for a reason.

Real patent leather tuxedo shoes and faux patent shoes come in lace ups and loafers. Top designer tuxedo shoes are in demand. Traditionally, the most formal shoes are patent-leather opera pumps (court shoes) decorated with a ribbed silk bow, as worn with white tie; they are uncommon today. A popular, formal alternative is the black leather lace-up Oxford shoe, often in patent leather, but without a toe cap or decorative brogueing. Too-informal for black tie are shoes with open lacing, i.e. "Derbies" in the U.K., "bluchers" in the U.S. An exceedingly rare alternative is the black button boot. Hosiery should be black, knee-high, ribbed silk socks.

Yes formal shoes make the outfit. But it is not the end of the world if you choose regular dress shoes provided these are: basic, simple (plain toe, capped toe), clean, freshly polished to a high shine, black shoes. Formal shoes are made from shiny patent leather and are typically very simple and very dressy. They really do make the outfit look complete and they do not go out of style.

Tuxedo Shoes Width Sizes

Tuxedo shoes come in a three basic width sizes:

  • Regular / Medium - If you either don't know or never needed to ask for a different width shoe, these may be your width
  • Narrow Width - narrow width shoes are for people that have extra space to the sides of their feet when wearing a regular or medium width shoe
  • Wide Width - When your shoes are tight on the top or sides of your foot a wider shoe may be the width your shopping for

Black Shoes

One of the biggest fashion sins is to not match the color of your belt with that of your shoes. Wearing black shoes and a black belt is a fashion fundamental and will serve you on many occasions whether casual or formal. If you have a limited wardrobe budget, at least have one pair of black leather shoes and a black leather belt on hand. Depending on how often you wear them, a good pair of shoes will last a long while if you take good care of them and a belt will likely last you for many years. And please don't spoil your look by wearing odd colored socks. Buy a couple pairs of black socks, preferably wool since they retain their color and shape longer than cotton.